by The Heights

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released April 24, 2012

All Music by The Heights, Lyrics by Gavin Sutton. All drums by Matthew Machanda except for "The Sound" which were done by Matt Newcomb. Piano on "Expectations vs. Reality" by Adam Newcomb, Banjo/Organ on Cigarette Burn by Adam Newcomb. Recorded with Adam Newcomb at Newcomb Studios, 2012.



all rights reserved


The Heights Toronto, Ontario

The Heights is @Gavinsutton @nicholasdooley @colinjacques @tylerjones

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Track Name: Round and Round
I’m dead.
As good as ashes into a bottle and thrown out to sea
I can be that message for all these boys and these girls not to end up like me

Enter her

With her hair past her shoulders
Eyes that scream happily ever after
For the beast I am
With just a kiss I can be that prince you’ve always wanted

Spinning round and round with you
Till we end up with something new

She’s locked
To a boy that’s not me
Yeah, throw away the key
I can be that rescue
That she so desperately needs

Enter night

I hung down and faced her eye to eye
Said I wont come down till you come with me tonight
She agreed and we laid in the middle of the street
Watching the lights go from red to green

Spinning round and round with you
Till we end up with something new
The winds in your hair
We’re going nowhere
Cept round and round with you

I dare you Gravity
Try and take this moment from me

And I asked you in a sly way, yeah
‘you wanna go somewhere?”
she just pointed to the sky
and I just smiled, yeah I smiled
Track Name: The Sound
The sounds from my town
Sound the same as the sounds in yours
But I just cant sing the same ol’ song
That these other boys in other vans are

I said the sounds from my town
Sound the same as the sounds in yours
Chalk it up to coincidence
But I feel its something more

We get off on the blood rush
That never changes
But to my disappointment
I’m not the kid I was
Wont say, “I’ve grown up”
But something has changed

This is gonna be the song they’ll sing along with
Cause this is the sound they grew up with
Yeah, It was part of me
(And it will always be)
But it’s not all of me

I got a lot of plans and I put a lot of sweat in them
I got big dreams and I put a lot of heart in them
I put a lot of faith into something that might not work out
But it will, just wait and see

The lights went off I’m not scared of the dark anymore
That doesn’t mean I’m not scared of what’s in store
All these trending boys they suffocate what they defend
Track Name: Mariposa Belle
Oh Rose, don’t you ever let me go
Though my body sinks my soul will float
I’ll become the ocean you wear around your neck
Keep the heart close
Till the time is right.
Just promise me

Oh Rose, Do you remember that night?
Making light of suicides,
Love at first sight
You weren’t scared of the thousand icy knives
You were scared of life
At least until me, right?

Body Rise
Body Falls
Body Arches
Heart Stalls
Body Sweats
Body Moans
The Heart Explodes

Oh Rose, I sketched the curves
Caught the colours
In black and white
Keep it safe.
Keep it locked up tight.

Leather bound, lead lasts forever
Red locks and pad locks
You saved me, but all hope is lost
Its lost its lost
Track Name: Cigarette Burn
You’re just a cigarette burn of my memory
You’re just that pretty lil thing before she came to save me

You were the liminal, not the terminal
Life went on after miss cigarette burn

I thought I’d never forget you
You always made the scene
But you changed me, so I exchanged you

Miss cigarette burn
If there was any lesson to be learned
They’ve all been forgotten
Like Miss cigarette burn

I was broken up when you let me down
I thought nobody
Could save me now
But I was wrong

I could have sworn we were in love
But I cannot for the life of me
Figure out how I fell for

One day
I lost in love
The next day I
Found someone else
Don’t take it personally
You’re just not the one for me
Track Name: Expectations vs. Reality
It starts with a crack, then it spreads like we’re made of nothing but glass
The fact is everyone lied
But no one noticed

No one knows the way the world looks through my eyes
After all these years the lines are already clearly defined
The fact is everyone lies
But sometimes, sometimes…

You Look Better In My Dreams
Sometimes I wake up and think
You Look Better In My Dreams
I don’t love you like I could have

If I felt it before, I can feel it again
Just giving up is a battle all its own,
Live life like a mannequin
Keep my lips still
Cause It’s a lose-lose, Like an imaginary friend that leaves you

And it start with a crack, then it spreads
If I felt it before, can I feel it again?
I breathe this air of familiarity
And it turns my lungs against me

I don’t love you like I could have
cause you didn’t love me like you should have