Drag Race on the Moon

by The Heights

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released July 9, 2013

Produced By: Adam Newcomb and Adam Fair
Engineered By: Adam Newcomb



all rights reserved


The Heights Toronto, Ontario

The Heights is @Gavinsutton @nicholasdooley @colinjacques @tylerjones

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Track Name: Soldier
Green Eyes worn red from the days battle lost. She said, where have all the good boys gone? Cause were all just little soldiers fighting our little wars. Even when we wave that flag in surrender they just want more. When the darkness gets too dark and the heart begins to yearn
I can be the one to who you turn. I can be a soldier. I will fight your wars. I can be a soldier or
anything you need me to be. I’ll fight for you like I’d fight for me. I’ll fight your wars. She told me scars. I clenched my fist. Said the world shouldn’t be like this. It’s a war out there and its not all fair. When the darkness gets to dark and the fever starts to burn. I can ignite the spark to lead you home.
Track Name: Some You Give Away
I wonder who you are. And I wonder who I’ll be when I find out. The fire’s burning bright. You’re just a shadow in front of the light. But we kiss anyways. No music is played but I still hear it. Cant keep the smile off my face or control my fingertips Who do you want beside you when your dreams come true? You were fun for a week, until the conversation died.
Maybe what we had was only fun for a night. Thinking back to the words that I said and the ones I never did…In my loneliness I say awful things like…You’re just a shadow.
Track Name: Devil
I have never been a liar, doesn’t mean I’ve never lied. I’ve never been an optimist but that doesn’t mean that I’ve never smiled. I’ve never been the one to any girl I’ve loved. The only thing I’ll ever be is the moon to the sun But I refuse to be just a memory so I must become your everything I must have the devil inside of me. I must be my own worst enemy. If history indicates anything, I’ve got the devils inside of me. All these vultures circle waiting for this connection to fall. Their presence just reminds me of life’s temporality. But do you keep them on a string cause you love the attention? Or are you innocent of these heartsick accusations?
Its my jealousy that separates me from the animals. Its my jealousy that keeps me on my feet. Its my jealousy that separates me from the animals. Its my jealousy that’ll bring me to my knees
Track Name: Spinning Webs
My dusk is your dawn. I could see the sun shine bronze on your skin while the darkness settles and hides my imperfections, but you never saw them. So I spun a web with your name cause I get caught in every word you say. You got me thinking about the past and all those things I would have changed if I only knew everything I know today. When we met you proved who you were. When we met I found I wasn’t who I thought: a lost boy looking for love.
When I all I wanted was attention, you gave me all the attention. I had you but I didn’t know what it meant.
Track Name: You Make Me
I thought I saw all the possibilities, but I found a new feeling where my heart used to be.
I’ve got a year left of responsibilities until I can pack my bags and move across the sea.
It reminds me of a dream you once starred. So I picked it out and placed it in my heart. I visit it every time that I feel low. It reminds me that someday I might just have a home. Cause you know I’m coming home. And I know you’ll be waiting for me. You make me wanna be a man.
Get a real job and work with my hands (Save up some money to buy you a ring) (Get on one knee like it aint no thing) You know girl. You make me understand what it means to be a man.
I watch you dance every now and again. Wishing to promise you all the things that I cant. So I want to apologize for all the days and the late nights spent with the boy that I was, not the man I’ll become. I’ve known you such a long time, always on the back of my mind. You’ve known me such a long time, do I ever cross you mind?